Cheetah’s Win

Cheetah's WinThe End of All Dreams is an awful thing to face. Even when you’ve done it to yourself.

The only worthwhile part of Cheetah Jones’s existence was playing professional baseball. But even superstar potential isn’t enough to keep you in the lineup when you’re well and truly determined to fail. Cheetah’s one lucky base-stealer, however. Despite highly-creative efforts at screwing up, his potential hasn’t gone unnoticed and a sympathetic owner is willing to offer him one last chance at a career. If he does certain things, that is. Like, start all over again with a rinky-dink minor-league club. Quit drinking. Listen to his coaches. Learn to be considerate of others. Conquer his inner demons And…

Be turned into a cat?

Novella Softcover available for $3.99

E-Book available exclusively on Amazon.

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