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From our new affiliate Two-Lips Press we proudly present Slave Trade,
an illustrated romantic fantasy now available for pre-order at a discounted price.


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As long as slavery exists anywhere,
freedom is threatened everywhere.

Never has that been more true than in Pross, where slavery is law, and life itself a commodity to be bought, sold, and discarded at a whim.  When Sidney is purchased from an abusive master by a gentle Lord from a foreign land, it seems his fortunes are finally improving. But his new master is a man of many mysteries, firmly tangled in a web of politics, and in his own way no more free than Sidney.  
In a land where the leash and the lash are only ever a small slip away, can Sidney and his fellow slaves ever hope to find dignity, honor, pride or happiness?  As Sidney is thrust into unfamiliar roles, will he be able to find the strength to rise above his station. . . or will he find himself back on the auction block yet again?

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