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CrIT Tiles

Wet erase compatable gaming mats, 10 inches in size, with a scene on one side, and a 1” square ratio on the other.  Need a quick camp, cave, tavern, city, or similar tile without drawing?  Pick one set it down and start playing.  Need to expand the playing area with a grid for drawing and setting up?  Flip a tile over and use the blank grid.

Basic CRIT-Tiles (Includes 4 tiles and 1 24″ playmat)


Forest Set $24.95


Mountain Set $24.95

Tavern Cellar Tavern Main Room Tavern Stables Tavern Upper Floor

Tavern Set $24.95

10x10 gridmap

Grid/Blank Set $24.95

Area of Effect Templates

Burst $19.99 

Cone $19.99 

Elevation Stands

Set of 2 Medium, 2 Large stands $19.99 

Set of 5 Medium stands $24.95 

Set of 4 Large Stands $24.95 

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